Can I park my car at PATCO for more than 24 hours?

Parking is limited to 24 hours. Occasionally customers have special circumstances and can request an exception to this rule by calling (856) 772-6968 prior to parking in a PATCO lot.  Such requests are handled on a case by case basis during office hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays). We recommended that passengers who are traveling out of town be dropped off at a PATCO station if at all possible.

Who do I call if I have lost something on PATCO?

Please call (856) 772-6900 or (215) 922-4600. Customer Service Agents are available 24 hours a day.

How do I get to the airport using PATCO?

Exit PATCO at 8th & Market Streets. If arriving from New Jersey, use the stairs/escalator/elevator toward the rear of the train to gain easy access to the 8th/Market North exit from PATCO. (If arriving from another Philadelphia station, exit the train and take the stairs/escalator/elevator toward the front of the train.) Turn to your right and again to your right to enter the Gallery. Follow signs in the Gallery to SEPTA’s Market East Station, from which you can catch SEPTA’s Airport Rail line to the airport.

How do I get to the stadium complex in South Philadelphia?

To reach Citizens Bank Park, Lincoln Financial Field, or the Well Fargo Center, exit PATCO at 13th/Locust Street Station. Take the escalator to concourse level and exit PATCO's fare gates. Follow the orange signs approximately one block through the concourse to the Broad Street Line at Walnut/Locust. Ride SEPTA's Broad Street Line south to AT&T Station. (A discounted round-trip SEPTA transfer is available from PATCO vending machines in New Jersey for $3.10. This transfer is dispensed as two slips, one of which is valid for 1 hour from the time of purchase and the other is valid for 24 hours.)

May I bring an animal on the train?

Service animals trained to assist the disabled are permitted on PATCO. However, pets are allowed on PATCO only if enclosed in a carrier which can be accommodated in the lap of the passenger without danger or annoyance to other passengers.

How do I get a job at PATCO?

Employment opportunties are posted on our website. Please visit the employment link.

When we advertise available positions, please submit your resume with a cover letter stating which position(s) you are interested in. Please be mindful of each position’s minimum qualifications, along with deadline dates for submission. Once we receive your information, we will evaluate your credentials to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications. At which time, if you are deemed a viable candidate, we will contact you to schedule an interview and/or invite you in for testing. Thank you for your interest in the Authority, and we wish you success with your employment search.

How can my company be notified of upcoming bids or projects?

For Engineering contracts and Purchasing bids & annual contracts, please check the DRPA website periodically under “Bids & Contracts.” We do not maintain bidders list for Engineering contracts. However, we do keep a vendors list for Purchasing. To be listed on our Purchasing bidders list, please click here to download the DRPA/PATCO Vendor Profile Form. Submit the completed form to us, and you will be added to our database.

I am doing a school project on bridges or PATCO, how can I get materials for research?

DRPA’s website has extensive information on our bridges and PATCO, including history timelines and our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, please contact our Corporate Communications office at (856) 968-2253 or 215-218-3750 Ext. 2253.

Freedom FAQ's

How can I get a FREEDOM card?

You can purchase one at vending machines on the unpaid side in any station with cash, debit or credit (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), or at the FREEDOM Card Service Center located at the Broadway Station.

How can I set up a web account to manage by FREEDOM card?

Through FREEDOM CONNECTED (www.patcofreedomcard.org), you can set up a web account to

  • Register for balance protection,
  • View your transactions on-line, and
  • Add value using a credit card either as a one-time replenishment or automatically triggered by a minimum (threshold) balance.
How can I register my FREEDOM card for balance protection and/or sign-up for the Autoload replenishment feature if I don’t set up a web account?

To register your card and take advantage of balance protection, log onto www.patcofreedomcard.org to register online, or call the FREEDOM Card Service Center at 877-373-6777.

How do I know my balance? Can I view my account?

Once you set up a web account through FREEDOM CONNECTED (www.patcofreedomcard.org) and register your card, you can view your FREEDOM card transactions by selecting Manage This Card and Transaction History.

Even if you don’t set up a web account, you can see your balance at the fare gate and view the last 10 transactions at any vending machine in any station. Simply present your FREEDOM card to the target and select transaction history. If you have any concerns about your account, please call the FREEDOM Center at 877-373-6777.

How should I properly handle my FREEDOM card/paper ticket? Will my FREEDOM card demagnetize?

The FREEDOM card has a tiny computer chip and mini-antenna. You should never bend nor punch holes in it.

The paper ticket has a magnetic stripe therefore you should not bend, scratch or tear it. The FREEDOM card or the Paper ticket will not demagnetize.

Does the Paper Ticket expire?

The Paper Ticket is valid for only 3 days from date of purchase. You will see an expiration date on the back of the ticket.

When traveling with family/friends, can they use my FREEDOM card?

No, the card will not work properly if “passed back”. Each traveler must have his/her own card or ticket. You can purchase paper tickets for someone using your FREEDOM card. To do so, when prompted by the vending machine to pay for the ticket(s), simply insert bills and/or coins in the appropriate slots, or present your FREEDOM card to the yellow circle (the target) below the screen for two seconds.

What should I do if my FREEDOM card/paper ticket does not work at the gate?

Please call for assistance using the call-for-aid phone located near the gates.

Can I buy SEPTA Transfers with my FREEDOM card?

Yes, you can purchase round-trip transfers using your FREEDOM card or cash. SEPTA transfers are for a continuous trip, boarding select SEPTA routes immediately after exiting PATCO.

Can I have more than one FREEDOM card?

Yes. Although you can set up one web account through FREEDOM CONNECTED for more than one card, be aware that funds are associated with specific cards and are not pooled among all the cards.

Can I get a refund of my FREEDOM card/paper ticket?

PATCO has had a long-standing No Cash Refund policy. Please see the Terms and Conditions, posted here on our website and in the FREEDOM booklets.

How do I properly use my FREEDOM card at the gate?

Place your card on the target for approx. 1-2 seconds. Do not wave, tap or bend the ends.

What is Upgrading a Paper ticket?

If you purchase the wrong ticket or decide to exit a different station than what your ticket was intended, the gate will direct you to a TVM to upgrade the ticket. Insert the ticket in the machine on the paid side of gates and follow the prompts.

How do I sign-up for the Reduced Fare Program?

Seniors, the disabled, and Medicare card holders can stop by our FREEDOM Card Service Center (located at the Broadway Station) and complete a (RFP) application.

How do I get my Transit Benefit Vouchers applied?

Customers who have RideECO, TransitChek or other employer-coordinated transit benefits can mail their vouchers to the FREEDOM Center at 100 South Broadway, Camden NJ 08103 or Visit the FREEDOM Card Service Center at the Broadway station or employers can load the benefit electronically (see www.RideECO.org).

Setting up a Web Account

Just fill in the fields on www.patcofreedomcard.org. Your account is linked to a specific email address, but if you change your email, you can edit your web account info at that time.


If you had filled out a paper registration form in the past, use the same phone number and zip code that you used on the paper form. Once you have your card registered via the web, you can make any updates you wish.

  • Don’t remember? Call the FREEDOM Service Center (877-373-6777).
  • Customers who have more than one FREEDOM card can manage them through the same web account. Note: balances are not shared among the cards.

Transaction History

To see your Transaction History, click on Manage Card next to the card number.

  • You can see every entry and exit and load of value, or
  • You can choose to see only certain categories – for example, to see fares subtracted from your balance, filter by “Gate Exits.”
  • You can print out your transaction history if you wish, or simply scroll through the pages.

Adding Value

You can use a credit card to add value as a One Time Replenishment or Automatic Replenishment that will occur whenever your balance dips below $5.

  • The credit card transaction usually processes within hours. In very unusual circumstances, processing may take up to two business days.
  • Online Purchase History shows purchases you make online.
  • Once the credit card transaction has processed, the added value flows down to your FREEDOM card when you present your card to a gate or vending machine target (yellow circle).
  • This shows up in your Transaction History as One Time Replenishment or Automatic Replenishment when the value flows down to the card.
  • At the same time, your balance on FREEDOM CONNECTED reflects the increase.

Transit Benefits

Many PATCO customers use employer-sponsored transit benefits, which are available in several forms:

  • Debit cards that do not require a PIN – You can Add Value via FREEDOM CONNECTED using transit benefit cards just as you would with any other VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit card. Purchases will show in Online Purchase History.
  • Electronic Loads from your employer or a Third Party Administrator - Once the funds reach PATCO, they are processed within hours. The value then flows down to your
  • FREEDOM card when you present your card to a gate or vending machine target. This shows up in your Transaction History when the value flows down to the card.
  • Vouchers redeemed at the FREEDOM Card Service Center show on the Transaction History at the same time.

Reporting a Lost Card

You can report a lost or defective card via your web account. A FREEDOM Service Center Associate will then contact you regarding replacement.

Don’t have a FREEDOM Card?

Purchase one from a Ticket Vending Machine or visit the FREEDOM Service Center. Then go online and get FREEDOM CONNECTED.